Wendy Contic

Wendy Contic

Wendy Contic

Yoga Instructor


She has had a career in public safety for over 20 years. She started her career as a volunteer Firefighter and EMT. She worked as a 911 operator, Police Dispatcher and has been a Police Officer for over 18 years.

She discovered yoga as a way to manage chronic pain caused by injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident. The practice of yoga began to weave its way into other facets of her life, as a means to focus the mind, manage stress and overcome fatigue.

Wendy’s desire to become a yoga teacher was fueled by her passion to share the amazing things that yoga can do for the mind, body and spirit with others.


  • 2019 Graduate of the Evolve Yoga and Wellness
  • 200 hour Interdisciplinary Yoga Teacher Training

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