Becoming Iron Foundry Athletics:

Home of Calvert CrossFit, Iron Foundry, and CrossFit Lakas.

When I decided to start a fitness business, I needed help coming up with a great name and slogan. So, in the summer of 2012, I called my dad and asked for his help.We spent several days thinking of different names and sending them back and forth.My father, a former Marine, and also in the law enforcement world for over 25 years, sent me an email with different names and mottos.This is how the name Iron Foundry Athletics originated.


“Iron Foundry,”

Because I started in a small space rented from a globo gym that looked like an old factory from where I grew up. It was cinderblock walls, metal rafters, metal bay door, no windows, no air conditioner. We did not even have our own bathroom or water fountain.“Iron,” because in old school lifting iron is referred to as metal plates.“Foundry” is a workshop or factory that forges metal, as a play on CrossFit’s slogan ‘Forging elite fitness.’ I added Athletics, because I wanted to be more and offer more than just CrossFit and because those who train in CrossFit are indeed athletes.This was the thought process behind developing the name Iron Foundry Athletics.I was the first CrossFit affiliate in Calvert County, so I chose my affiliation name as Calvert CrossFit.In 2013, we used the slogan, “we don’t make machines, we build them,” referring to the building of our client-athletes.


Coming up with a name was only the beginning, and I had to get to work!

I was working as a full time State Trooper, and doing the build-out to the gym around the clock.On January 3, 2013, we opened our doors in Prince Frederick and surrounding communities as Iron Foundry Athletics!

In July 2014, I moved out of my first location to my larger current location in Prince Frederick.

In July 2014, I completed the build out for a 24/7 weightlifting facility, that has hosts bi-annual powerlifting competitions, and has become a training ground for youth, college, and professional bound athletes. In September 2016, I expanded north in Calvert County, and opened Calvert CrossFit North (Dunkirk).
Several months later, I was presented, and accepted, an offer to purchase CrossFit Lakas in St. Mary’s County.

Since having all three locations, I have officially retired from the State Police as a result of medical injuries occurring on the job.I have since had the time to sit down and reflect on the positives and negatives that we encountered over the years.

Iron Foundry Athletics has evolved over the last five years to serve the community better.

My goal has always been to be more than the local CrossFit box – I wanted to serve the needs of community with programs like CrossFit Kids, Barbell Club, Powerlifting Team, Sports Team training, and personal training. What I did not anticipate was the organic and natural out-growth for some of these programs. They are all of a reflection on what you, the members, have wanted.

We want to help as many people reach their fitness goals as we can.

To reflect the gym’s evolution and our growing community, we rebranded as Iron Foundry Athletics: Home of Calvert CrossFit and CrossFit Lakas. This is to better communicate our vision of fitness to Calvert and Saint Mary’s County, and surrounding communities. CrossFit is our core service, but we are also much more. We want to help as many people reach their fitness goals as we can. Having a brand name that encapsulates this is important in realizing that vision. We wanted to create a brand that resonates with who we have become as a gym while continuing to serve our members with the high-level experience you expect and deserve from us.


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