Private Training

Individualized Programming and Coaching


You will benefit from personal training if one or more of the following applies to you:

  • You prefer one-on-one attention to a group atmosphere
  • You have unique schedule demands or time conflicts
  • You are training for a specific event or competition
  • You desire more in-depth instruction on movements, skills, and mobility
  • You have significant past medical history or injury considerations and are not ready for group training

We offer personal fitness training tailored to you and your specific needs. Our expert trainers are more than “pin-setters” and “rep-counters”; we teach you valuable skills and expertly modify movements and workouts based on your past medical history and fitness goals. You will be encouraged, motivated, and empowered, all while developing a valuable relationship with your coach.

Personal Training Programs and Rates

  • $70 for 1 Session
  • $272 for 4 Sessions*
  • $528 for 8 Sessions*
  • $768 for 12 Sessions*
  • *Save additional 10% with a monthly training plan


  • Built Around Your Schedule and Goals
  • Additional Accountability and Support
  • Goal Setting
  • Personalized Program
  • Efficient & Effective Workouts
  • Regular Assessment and Progress Tracking

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