30 minute time based interval program

IFA SWEAT is a time-based interval program, with minimal equipment required.

🔥IFA SWEAT is designed to:

– Help improve aerobic conditioning
– Be done almost anywhere – good for members traveling
– Serve as a great starting point for beginner athletes

How IFA SWEAT is structured:
-Can be done at home or at one of our facilities
– Workouts range from no more than 30 minutes
– Every workout contains 4 stations
– Station duration varies every day (typically 1-5min each station)
– Movements change every day
– Minimal Equipment Utilized
– Includes: DBs, KBs, Jump Ropes, Plyo Boxes, Running, Biking, Rowing, and bodyweight movements
– Does not include: barbells, rigs, and rings
-IFA SWEAT is a separate track from our other programs.

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