Pam Williams

"The more the merrier!"

I can’t say enough positive things about Calvert Crossfit North. Coach Amanda made me feel welcome as soon as I stepped foot in the facility. I was a beginner and pretty anxious to even consider doing Crossfit. That all faded away almost immediately. I’ve made new friends and we support each other beyond measure. It really is a tight and welcoming community which makes it far different than just going to a gym; No comparison as far as I’m concerned…not even close. Every coach is consistent with how they teach the skills. They take their time to watch over all of us and help us to do things safely and correctly. Being a beginner, I’m always reassured by their guidance on how to scale things down and where I can push myself more. It’s truly such a great place and I would recommend it to anyone. All types. All ages. And everyone is welcoming.

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