Shaun McTigue

"WPU First Team All American"

I have trained with Iron Foundry Athletics for two years while I was finishing my career playing Division 2 hockey at William Paterson University. Joe always pushed me to the limit, would always motivate you to finish the drill when you didn’t think you had enough. He is constantly pushing the boundary which ultimately forces you to become a better athlete. As a hockey player you’re required to have the up most levels in conditioning, agility and strength and he does that for you. Joe is an extremely patient individual as well, I know there are times where his patience was tested but he stuck with us to push us to the top. I can honestly say he is the reason we were able to 3Peat our League Championship and for myself personally I can say it was the reason that I was able to break the all time record at William Paterson for points (290) and goals (137). Training with him WILL make you a better athlete.

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